5 Things I Know For Sure from Being a Psychic Medium

The late Gene Siskel, interviewer and movie critic, asked Oprah Winfrey, “What do you know for sure?”  She couldn’t immediately answer.  It took thought and consideration.  Eventually, this question became a monthly column in her magazine.

Saying we know something for sure, reveals who we are and what we believe. When choosing what I know for sure, I expect it will remain true over time. Mediums use their 6th sense to communicate so are considered psychic – although not all psychics communicate with those who pass on. As a medium, I communicate with those who have passed on. When delivering information, evidence is information that verifies what is being reported is true.  I experience my own evidence from the readings I provide as the result of being a psychic medium.  What follows is my evidence or 5 things I know for sure as the result of being a psychic medium:

I know for sure, love lives on.

Psychic medium reading after reading, event after event, spirits come through with information and support to guide us because love lives on. Spirit wants us to find our true purpose and live our best lives.  We can get stuck along the way with grief, feelings of remorse, depression and loss.  We are human, and the experience can be overwhelming in the best of times.  Our loved ones and spirit guides provide evidence of their love and support through a myriad of ways when we are open to experiencing this evidence. We may be seeing their favorite things or hearing their favorite songs, or seeing an advertisement for somewhere special you traveled together.  Communication is the most direct way you know your loved one lives on, whether they communicate with you or through a medium.

I know for sure, we are not alone on this journey.

Spirit dads, moms, grandmas, grandpas, friends, sons, daughters and beloved dogs have let me know they were there on earth and provide support now from the other side. At readings, I have seen family members in spirit gathered to support the person in for the reading.

I know for sure, I witness healing daily.

Last week in 3 separate readings, three different spirits, who were actively alcoholic on earth, came through with messages for the living. Each message was different. Their departures from life as we know it ranged from 1 week to 25 years ago.   Each spirit provided evidence for the recipient with facts from their life. It was powerful, and each recipient was grateful for the message and its healing impact.

I know for sure, spirit decides who will come through with what messages.

I encourage clients to invite spirits they would most like to hear from and yet, spirit decides who will bring forward which messages.  Sometimes the spirit who shows is exactly who the client most wanted to hear from and sometimes it is someone the client had not thought about in a very long time because the person had died so long ago. Watching time fall away as the message brings them right back together and makes the relationship whole again, shows clients love lives on. The wisdom in choosing the messages and messengers for the highest benefit for all involved continues to be greater than the knowledge at hand for those in the room.

I know for sure, I continue to learn from both worlds.

I love my clients on both sides of the veil.  They show up to connect and as I share the messages, they follow with sharing their favorite memories and the spirits what they know and have learned.

I continue to make daily connection with spirit, write and strengthen my channel.  Like any skill or muscle, it continues to grow.  Spirits encourage, teach and help me know I am on the right path.  It is a path which allows others to gain insights for healing. Thank you to all of you who have shared your journey with me.

Blessings to all on our journeys,

3 Tools for Healing Grief

Sometimes the pain feels crippling.  Other times it just hurts.  It’s a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies. In it, George Bailey, played by Jimmy Stewart, wore a black arm band after his father died.

1. Tender Time and Support. I often think it would be wonderful if we did wear a black arm band to signal to one another when we are grieving. It would be great if we were a little kinder, more patient, and tender with those who have lost a loved one. There are no time limits on loss. We learn to live without our loved ones on earth by giving ourselves tender time. And, we keep in contact with those who understand and can provide support, or tender time, too. This may be family, friends, support groups or counseling.

2. Acknowledge Grief Factors. There are so many factors impacting grief. How our loved one died.  Our relationship at the time of death.  Whether we were together or not.  Whether we thought there was something we could have done and were unable to do it.  The list could go on.  And, if your family was chaotic, filled with substance use, chronic illness and/or violence, grief is often complicated by these factors and mixed roles between adults and children.

3. Love Lives On. One of the many things I love about what I do is I know love lives on.  Each time I have the privilege to bring through a message from the other side for someone, I get to feel the love the spirit sends. Even spirits not known for communicating strong caring or concern when they were on earth, make it clear they chose to be at the reading because they care.  Know the grief exists because you love. Know love lives on and let love help carry you through the grief.

Trusting and conveying love,

Summer Solstice

Alive and well and as we love, living in paradise.
What do you love? Do you see it? Can you feel it?
It is not magic, hocus-pocus or mumbo-jumbo:
it is a decision followed by action to accept
people as they are, love more and judge less.
If they were gone tomorrow, who would you miss?
See, hear and love them today and you will be living in paradise
on this summer solstice.
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Happy Father’s Day!

I have an amazing job. As a psychic medium, I get to celebrate life while I work. And I know love lives on.
Father’s Day is this weekend. As I hugged a client goodbye yesterday she said, “I’ll be back when I need another Dad fix!”
Missing Dad and wanting to connect is a basic need. Being able to connect with someone you love is priceless.
For those of you with living parents, please plan on making a memory this weekend. Take a few moments to appreciate Dad’s smile, his laugh, his favorite story or sayings. Memorize them if you haven’t already.
I started I Have a Message For You because spirits were giving me messages to deliver. When family and friends didn’t know I had this gift, the messages would get lost in the delivery. “How long have I known you and I didn’t know you could do this?” It took some time and I made it known I have this gift of communication with spirits. And many people now reap the reward of communicating with those they miss.
If you feel called to contact me for a reading, please do so. Chances are someone in your spirit family has nudged you because they want to get a message to you. Think about it: if you unexpectedly ended up in a country where you didn’t know the language and you heard there was someone who could get a message to your family, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to get the message delivered?

Blessings and Happy Father’s Day!

7 Benefits to Visiting a Psychic Medium

Do you want to know your loved one is okay?

Do you want to know the psychic signs you have experienced are real?

Are you curious what your loved one will say?

Are you unsettled because you were away when your loved one passed?

Do you feel stuck in your grief process?

Are you missing your loved one and want to connect?

Are you feeling unfinished emotional questions and you need answers?

I listed these 7 common questions which bring people to visit me as a psychic medium. Getting answers to these questions are 7 benefits to working with me a psychic medium.  And, there are many more which will be personal to you and your story.  Your life, your loves, your family and what you value is what brings you to see me and connect.  And, an overwhelming, powerful, beneficial sense of loving well being is most often the outcome of sessions.  I am told by clients who had seen other psychics, with me, they could feel the presence of their loved ones and knew they were in the room with us.
What I have learned from this work is simple, love lives on.  Experiencing it on a regular basis through this work is powerfully affirming.
This is what I know from providing readings.  Spirit decides what messages are most important to be delivered and by which spirit.  As the channel, I trust the Spirit, message and timing are perfect for you as the receiver.   And, you make the appointment because you are ready to receive.

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7 Ways to Boost Your Spiritual Connection

As a medium, many souls have communicated through me with those here on earth.  The communication is positive, for the highest good of those present.  Those read are grateful and find the experience lifechanging. I believe in doing this work, I can have the greatest impact  for the most people.  And, I have learned things to share with you on your spiritual journey.

I believe I can help you know, and trust, you are connected to a universal energy that wants the very best for you on your spiritual path.

I believe we all have access to the sixth, or psychic sense.  Our beliefs, education, training, and our openness to this sixth sense, will greatly impact whether we acknowledge or trust what we receive.

From birth, we talk, point out objects and read stories to babies to reinforce their developing senses of sight and hearing.  Yet if a young child lets people know they are talking to dead great grandma, many people will tell them no, they are not. If this happens, children can learn not to trust their psychic communication ability and it fades.

We can choose to nurture our psychic ability and trust the information we receive.  The energy source of this communication you may choose to call our Higher Selves, the Universal Energy, or God. Again, what you choose to call this energy is less important in boosting its capacity than connecting with it  in positive ways on a regular basis.

#1. Time. Time is THE thing that makes us so uniquely human and sets us apart from our spiritual counterparts.  And, providing time to pursue this relationship is how you can choose to connect.  Some people wait until a crisis to make time and create spiritual awareness. And, you can choose to create the time for a spiritual relationship on purpose, and without a crisis.

#2.  Space. Consider a physical space most appropriate and appealing for you. Where can you go regularly and consistently, preferably daily, to be in a spiritual space?  The physical space of your choosing may be a chair, a corner, outside, in nature, at the beach or on a comfy couch.  Find your space and again, using the space regularly is key.

#3. Quiet. Free yourself from outside distractions: No electronics, no noise, so you may find stillness and you may hear what your inner voice has to say.

#4.  Breathe. With your feet flat on the ground, back straight, take a deep breath and let it out slowly. I have talked to so many people who hold their breath when they are stressed.  Taking a deep breath, holding it for the count of two and letting it out slowly, can have a soothing and relaxing effect.  Repeat.  Repeat again.  Focus on slowly and deeply breathing.  This is not another thing to cross off your to do list.  Let the relaxation settle in. These four steps alone will be a gift to yourself of time, space, quiet and relaxation.

#5.  Listen. In this relaxed state, having affirmed you are pleased you have given yourself the gift of time, space, quiet and relaxation, allow peace to permeate you.  As you focus on your breath and allow peace, to settle in, what does your small, quiet voice have to say to you?  If thoughts or words are not communicated spontaneously, ask, “What is it you would like to tell me?” Use your name for Spirit, God, Universal Energy.  This is a time for discovering what works and fits for you, for your best life.  Write down the response you get.  Consider it.

#6. Gratitude. Appreciate the gift you have given yourself by acknowledging yourself with time, space, quiet, relaxation and connection.  It is okay if the time was five minutes this time.  It is five more minutes than you may have given your spiritual self before.  Be kind to yourself.  Give yourself credit for starting and encourage yourself to continue.  Give yourself a compliment you would like to receive for taking the time.  “Thank you, for taking time to spend with spirit. I appreciate your making self care and spirituality a priority.”  And then thank spirit for taking the time to spend with you.

#7. Repeat.  Same time tomorrow?  You are already successfully moving into spiritual space and making gratitude a part of your practice.  Nice! Commit to giving yourself this gift of connection again.  Consider keeping a journal to write and communicate with spirit.   Be mindful of actively pursuing a spirituality practice.

I have been practicing this for more than 30 years.  This practice has developed into fully developed conversations.  And the number one question I get from other people is, “Jane, how do you know it is real?” I am certain because the answers I get are answers I do not know,  in words  I wouldn’t necessarily use, and everything is consistently loving and helpful.  And, although the answers might not be what I want to hear, the responses are honest, kind and lovingly delivered.  If I miss a day of my spiritual communication, there are no retributions, only happiness I showed up to be with spirit at my next meeting.  My time and communication with spirit is a bit of Heaven on earth for me, truly, unconditional love.   This time has become my favorite, and first part of my day.

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