We do not see the world as it is; we see the world as we are.

In the early morning hours, rainbows appeared around my living room light. I smiled so much I almost giggled. Delighted. As a psychic medium, I do take a moment to discern if things are physically there or I am being shown something by spirit. The light was refracting off my computer screen, causing rainbows. The rainbows were really there. They also might have been a gift from spirit, 3 rings of rainbows, and I happily accepted them.

Rainbows are great symbols for our wonderful Wisconsin sisters’ weekend get together. We breathed a collective sigh of relief when the three of us from the Milwaukee area pulled up to our hosts’ home in the woods. It was two years since this group met.

We made it to the cabin, and we made it this far in life together. There were some precarious health issues the past two years.

I’m the youngest, not by much. There’s four and a half years in age between the youngest and oldest. We’ve all known each other no less than 40 years. On her next birthday, our sister turns the age our mom was when she passed away. We take lots of pictures when we’re together; we are aware of how precious our get togethers are.

Great hosts, our brother joined his wife, along with his sisters and sisters-in-law for some of the conversation on the deck. As we posed for a picture he quipped, “Get the seven together. Gotta have the seven in the picture.” It was startlingly funny, since one brother has passed and this brother doesn’t necessarily want to talk about what I do as a psychic medium.

My brother clarified, “That’s what we heard for every picture growing up.” I agreed. And the grown ups often wanted us in age order, oldest to youngest. It was ingrained in our fiber and our family culture.

We laughed as we shared our aging aches and pains, upcoming surgeries and appointments. Grateful. Grateful to be together and share current family pictures, with some in-law families spanning four generations. Great grandmas embraced by active, healthy great grand kids. Delightful. We checked on everyone, then children, newest family babies, spouses, and retirement plans for the half of us still working.

Rainbows. This weekend we looked with love at each other and our lives; there’s so much beauty although there were periods of storms. Beauty created by connection, family and doing the best we could, imperfectly.

There were two mentions, not discussions, of our dad, followed by head shakes. We survived the waves created by what professionals label as a functioning alcoholic father. The word functioning is added because he got up and went to work. He worked and after making a family with seven kids, abandoned us. We learned it was a pattern. He married twice after our mom, created children and abandoned them, too.

We had beautiful weather this weekend to sit on the lake and deck for hours after four days of rain. Nestled in the woods, sitting comfortably on a pontoon boat on a quiet lake, beauty, peace and gentle loving kindness were the ripples this weekend.

I see the world as I am today; healed, growing, doing what I love with those I love. I see rainbows of beauty, peace and gentle loving kindness.

What rainbows do you see in your world today?

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