Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to do to prepare for my session?

Relax and bring an open mind. Spend a few minutes beforehand remembering those you love who have passed and favorite memories. Let them know while you think of them, you will trust they will send what you most need to hear. You will want to be relaxed and open to the information presented in the messages. The communication involves all 3 of us: you, your loved one and me.

Who should I expect to come through?

It’s best to let go of expectations. I find Spirit decides who will be the best messenger of the messages you need to hear most at the time of your session. You are welcome to have a photo, or an item owned by the person with whom you would like to connect, called Psychometry. It is not required. Again, spirit will decide which messages are most needed, so it is best to bring an open mind and let go of expectations.

How does the session start?

I have meditated beforehand, said a prayer for the highest good of all involved, so I am ready to begin the session when you call or arrive. Participants acknowledge they are ready to participate. I explain I am an empath and feel messages. As spirit is invited in, I will hear more and sometimes see, smell and taste images.

What can I expect the session to be like?

Having taken care of the preliminaries, I invite whoever has a message for you, to please step forward. I will describe to you what I feel, hear and see. I will ask you to acknowledge the information presented with a yes or no. I will take notes. This is often important as it is a word with specific importance to the spirit and you. You are welcome to take notes, too, no recording of the sessions are allowed.  I do send an electronic copy of my session notes to you. As we conclude the reading, I summarize the messages received and thank everyone involved.

Who are sessions for?

People who feel called to receive a message. They feel the nudge. It is the universe letting them know they are trying to communicate with them. This year, I have delivered messages for people age 20 to 80, male and female, gay and straight, working and retired, with hobbies all over the map.

What I find they have in common is they are some of the most compassionate people I know, although they don’t necessarily show it.  In fact, some of them even work at hiding it! They have a large capacity for love and therefore a large capacity for grief. They are loyal; are great friends and family members. And their spirit family is oh so happy to communicate with them.

Have you ever not had a spirit show up for someone?

As of this writing, spirit has come through at every session. Not everyone at a group event is guaranteed to receive an individual message although many do connect with spirit at group functions. Again, spirit decides which messages will be most beneficial to those in attendance.

Do you censor what you deliver? I mean, what if it’s in front of a group of people?

My work is the delivery of messages. I work to be as accurate as possible. I find it is often a word, phrase or event that is specific to the person and spirit wants it delivered as given. If you are really concerned about privacy, please schedule a private session.

Do you ever encounter negative spirits?

No. I say a prayer before I begin and positive energy and spirits come through and provide messages.


About those lottery numbers  No, it doesn’t work that way! Spirit is not allowed to interfere with your path, although they can offer support, information and healing many people have found transformative.