Wow, just wow. I’ve never felt so much support. I didn’t know I would come away with so many answers. I feel so at peace.”  


This reading has been terrific! First my mother, then my sister. It’s like they are right here having coffee and cake with me. This means so much, I’ve missed them so. Thanks.”  

Pat L.

“It was awesome.  Very authentic. Felt very blessed to have this experience.”  

Carol Ann Meverden

“It was a wonderful, positive experience, very validating!”

Katie C.

“I was overjoyed! My reading began with some of the last words my Grandma ever spoke to me.”


“My dad’s been gone for 20 years and I still think of him every day. To be able to connect with him and know he sees me as a good dad with my kids, well, I can’t put that into words. I am so glad Jane shared her gift with me.”


“Connecting was extremely meaningful to me, especially since it was the person I knew loved me so very much. I was grateful to know I was in a safe and positive place. I trust Jane.

Barbara L.

It was a wonderful, loving feeling, to hear from my Grandpa. He always took delight in my occasional visits with him and Grandma. Hearing from him was so comforting.”

Anne G.

“Very emotional experience – I felt my Mom was present and that she knows how much I miss her. It was very comforting to feel her again.”


“I set up a personal session that was incredible. My parents came through and I felt them with me. It was validation for me of what I knew and couldn’t explain.”

Kerri Balliet

“During my session, Jane connected with two loved ones that have crossed over. The messages that I received were exactly what I needed to hear. I can’t wait to review all of the notes she took during my session. I will definitely be back to see her.”


Peg M.

I liked hearing from my oldest son, David, who stated he will be there when I arrive and wanted Jane to give me a hug.”

Pat K.

“What a wonderful spiritual visit from Janet – I was so surprised. Thank you for telling me they will be there to give me a hand. Jane, keep on doing this, keep up the good work.”

Kelly S.

“This was a great experience! I will definitely be back! Was able to get a sense of “relief”. I have held on to a lot of grief. I think this will help me move forward.


- telephone reading

“I enjoyed connecting with my sister. I was impressed with your ability and liked the hour we spent together.”

Kathy G.

“Very moving; very clear loving energy. Messages seem very purely transmitted.”