I love my work as a psychic medium. Spirit decides which messages and messengers each person needs the most.  As Father’s Day draws near, I’d like to share some special Dad messages with you. The personalities of the dads who passed shined, brightened the room and let their adult children know exactly who was there.


“It’s your dad. He came in, sat right beside you and asked if he could stay there for the rest of the hour. He says you were his favorite.”

The daughter laughed. “Oh, I was and everyone knew it, too!” She laughed because although she came from a large family, he would always say he wasn’t afraid to say she was his favorite. She wasn’t surprised that’s what he said. He always made her feel special and important. Just hearing those words took her right back to that feeling. “Jane, it wouldn’t matter who said what about it. We walked and talked for hours. He was my best friend. He was the best.” She also felt the love fill the room.


It’s rare for physical things to happen when I do readings.  Yet as I did one more walk through a half hour before a guest arrived, there was something on the floor. I wondered if a bug got in. I walked over to see a picture hook sitting on the floor of the doorway of my reading room. I looked around and noticed a large picture missing from the wall. The picture was intact, on the floor behind the couch. The hook had to fly 5 feet to land where it did so I would notice it. Next, water sloshed from my cup. Okay, I thought. Someone’s trying to get my attention. “Is it the picture? You want me to mention the picture?” A sense of knowing filled me. I would mention the picture.

My guest arrived. I welcomed her, introduced myself and what to expect from the reading.  I also told her I needed to tell her about something unusual that happened I believed I was meant to discuss with her. “Before you arrived, a picture fell off the wall.”

“Oh my God,” she said. “A picture fell off an easel at my Dad’s funeral. I knew it was him. The pastor running the service said it wasn’t, but I knew it was.” Her Dad affirmed it was him and went on to say it was his way of telling her he was at the service and pleased with it. This was important to her because he had let her know he hadn’t liked someone else’s service so she wanted to get his right. She wept. “Just like him to make an entrance,” she said.


Another Dad told his son, “You’re a great dad.” Tears spilled down the son’s cheeks. His father died before the son’s children were born. That’s all the son wanted to do; get it right. The Dad went on, “You’re so much like me; you see the good in people, no matter what.”  

The Dad laughed when the son asked him for relationship advice. “I really don’t think I’m in any position to give any advice in that area.” The son laughed and agreed. “You need to trust yourself,” the Dad added. “You know the right answer.”


Each of these children, ages 45-75 years, said they thought of their dad every day. Each said the message was “exactly what I needed to hear.”

As Father’s Day approaches, what message do you need to hear?

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