I have an amazing job. As a psychic medium, I get to celebrate life while I work. And I know love lives on.
Father’s Day is this weekend. As I hugged a client goodbye yesterday she said, “I’ll be back when I need another Dad fix!”
Missing Dad and wanting to connect is a basic need. Being able to connect with someone you love is priceless.
For those of you with living parents, please plan on making a memory this weekend. Take a few moments to appreciate Dad’s smile, his laugh, his favorite story or sayings. Memorize them if you haven’t already.
I started I Have a Message For You because spirits were giving me messages to deliver. When family and friends didn’t know I had this gift, the messages would get lost in the delivery. “How long have I known you and I didn’t know you could do this?” It took some time and I made it known I have this gift of communication with spirits. And many people now reap the reward of communicating with those they miss.
If you feel called to contact me for a reading, please do so. Chances are someone in your spirit family has nudged you because they want to get a message to you. Think about it: if you unexpectedly ended up in a country where you didn’t know the language and you heard there was someone who could get a message to your family, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to get the message delivered?

Blessings and Happy Father’s Day!