Sometimes the pain feels crippling.  Other times it just hurts.  It’s a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies. In it, George Bailey, played by Jimmy Stewart, wore a black arm band after his father died.

1. Tender Time and Support. I often think it would be wonderful if we did wear a black arm band to signal to one another when we are grieving. It would be great if we were a little kinder, more patient, and tender with those who have lost a loved one. There are no time limits on loss. We learn to live without our loved ones on earth by giving ourselves tender time. And, we keep in contact with those who understand and can provide support, or tender time, too. This may be family, friends, support groups or counseling.

2. Acknowledge Grief Factors. There are so many factors impacting grief. How our loved one died.  Our relationship at the time of death.  Whether we were together or not.  Whether we thought there was something we could have done and were unable to do it.  The list could go on.  And, if your family was chaotic, filled with substance use, chronic illness and/or violence, grief is often complicated by these factors and mixed roles between adults and children.

3. Love Lives On. One of the many things I love about what I do is I know love lives on.  Each time I have the privilege to bring through a message from the other side for someone, I get to feel the love the spirit sends. Even spirits not known for communicating strong caring or concern when they were on earth, make it clear they chose to be at the reading because they care.  Know the grief exists because you love. Know love lives on and let love help carry you through the grief.

Trusting and conveying love,