There is a saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” As a psychic medium, I believe messages are teachers, often coming from those who love us and knew us best.  The messages I get to deliver are often positively transformational, in the best possible ways, for the recipient. And, I get the same opportunity to receive messages and experience transformation as my clients.

In my frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), I address the fact spirit decides on the messenger and the messages.  I find spirit also provides nudges and encouragement to those who need to receive messages.

As I started the process of working as a medium, our deceased dad was made available to me to reach yet another level of healing, healing work I began 30 years ago. I smile as I write this. I used to refer to him by his first name, Richard, and yet thought my work with that relationship was complete. By the end of my work that weekend, I started referring to him as our Dad.  He thanked me for allowing him to be a part of that weekend work; it helped him understand how his behavior affected others. He didn’t get that while he was here on earth.

I can talk to our Mom who passed in 1997 freely.  Mom brought through our paternal grandmother this summer. This act alone was a sign of family healing.  Our grandmother wanted to own her part in creating unhealthy family dynamics by how she raised our dad and hadn’t held our dad and grandfather accountable for their behavior.

Our grandmother let me know I would have the opportunity to speak to our grandfather when I wanted.  I knew little about him. He told me about how he grew up.  He didn’t make excuses for his behavior.  In fact, he apologized.  The information helped me understand our family more.

Next, a former supervisor showed up and gave me credit for holding him accountable, something that had been extremely stressful for me.  The supervisor let me know we had agreed to our roles before we ever got to earth, and both played them well.  He said I handled it professionally and I needed to know I could hold people I perceived in power accountable. He also let me know a former abuser would be available to me when I was ready.

I was ready.  I told the abuser exactly what I thought of his behavior.  He agreed with me and went further to say he was lucky he died when he did because he doesn’t know too many husbands and fathers who would have tolerated what he did if they knew. He also let me know he is working to be of service to others now and he would NOT show up to talk to me again unless I requested it and he could be of service to me.

So if you are being nudged to receive a message, relax, know and trust.  I believe you are being nudged because you are loved, supported and ready. Amazing things happen in this work.


The Relax, Know and Trust Lady