I am the Relax, Know and Trust Lady.  It’s what I do. It’s what works. And if asked, it’s the message I share with others, too.

I was a person who was sure I could figure anything out if I just put in more effort, more time, more work. I wanted to succeed and was willing to work for it.  I put in long hours, worried and lost sleep.

I knew good self-care habits; how to eat healthy, meditate and exercise.  And, the more stressed I got, the more of the good habits I left behind in my efforts to work harder. I gave more of my time to work.  Often, these work situations I didn’t cause and couldn’t control, and I didn’t want to believe I couldn’t fix.  I would think if I could be creative enough, think of the right words or logical argument, I would be able to accomplish everything on my to do list.  Not.

I worked in the non-profit world, often with amazing people. People motivated me to want to figure it all out, whether my coworkers or the families we served who had more than the average amount of life challenges. I wanted to be sure staff got raises, families got services and waiting lists were eliminated.  And sometimes, there weren’t services available for families and the backup systems couldn’t help either. Regulations changed often.  Eventually, I hoisted the white flag and surrendered.

Surrendering meant I did what I know works:  Relax, Know and Trust.  Relaxing for me does not include reaching for alcohol, drugs or sweets.  I find they cause more problems and self-loathing on top of the original stress.  Relaxing for me requires I shut off the outside world and quiet my mind. I take time and space for myself.  I need to breathe, deeply.  I need to be able to hear my soothing, peaceful higher self, God, and the guidance offered within me.

When I relax, I tap into wisdom and knowing which will be able to help me decide the next right thing to do.  Relaxed, I take pen to paper and write out what I know.  I know the kind, loving, spirit who has been with me this entire journey and tells me I am delightful, is present, waiting to communicate with me.  There is no chastising; no, “Where have you been?” There is a smile for me.  The spirit is happy I have chosen to connect whenever I choose to connect.  The spirit knows me, loves me and wants what is best for me.  And, is honest with me in a loving way.  The have to’s and shoulds fall away as we communicate about what is at hand and what I need and what I want to do. I document the entire conversation.  It’s important to have in writing what I know in this relaxed state because history has proven this is how I know the next right thing or direction for my life.

And, it’s priceless to have what I know in writing when trust is the next step on my path.  I relax into trusting, knowing everything will work out. I have plenty of experience with everything working out. However, the feelings in the moment can be very uncomfortable while trusting everything will work out. I don’t get to pick the time table when things will happen. And affirming the plan helps in my resolve to act on the plans or directions I now have laid out and to stay the course.

My life has had plenty of challenges.  I have a sexual abuse history that started as a young child. I come from a divorced family with a myriad of health problems including alcoholism.  I have had to set boundaries, limits and work hard to resolve obstacles to my growth.  Today, I love my family and I love life. I get to help people by delivering messages with an ability I was told I needed to keep secret because people would think I was crazy.  I witness people begin to transform their lives while we are together for an hour connecting with those who have passed on.  I see lots of tears. I am relaxed with tears because I know and I trust they are healing, heartfelt and often joyful.

I wonder, when was the last time you used the word joyful in your life? As the Relax, Know and Trust Lady, I use the word joyful in my life almost daily.

It doesn’t mean my life is pain-free.  Walking with people as they heal some of life’s deeply painful hurts, definitely impacts me.  Relaxing and knowing I am on the right path and trusting everything works out, brings me joy. I am grateful, humbled and feel privileged to be able to do the work I do, delivering messages.  I understand even with the ability I have, not everyone would choose to do the work I do.  I get to help people heal and that’s pretty cool.

I invite you to embrace your life path, whether you are called to contact me to receive a message you are ready to hear or follow these three simple, although not always easy, steps.  Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. You, too, have intuition.  It may not be to the degree that I do and, it’s been there all along.  The question is, will you let it help you?

When I questioned whether I could deliver messages for a living, I was shown a road which began at my door and extended through hills into the horizon.  On it, were people 3 and 4 across, completely covering the road, coming to see me to receive their messages.  I knew my services would be in demand. After resigning a full time job and making space in my life for this healing work, the picture changed. People were also relaxing on the first two hills. On the right, people were reading books I had written and on the left, I was leading a workshop.

Join me and embrace your life’s path,

The Relax, Know and Trust Lady